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Gillian Anderson, 48 and still stunning

We all remember that famous TV Show from the 90’s where two FBI agents were investigating paranormal activities, looking for some truth that was out there.




Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s characters have since become famous tv characters and pop culture figures.

Both went on afterwards on different ventures and we’ve finally seen these two back together in the tenth season of the X-Files (with an eleven season already scheduled for late 2017 by Fox). We’ve since seen Duchovny in various series, including Californication while Anderson has recently been portraying « Media » in American Gods from the critically acclaimed book by Neil Gaiman.





It’s quite hard to imagine the series now without these two, but at first, Anderson was deemed not sexy and glamorous enough to portray the skeptical FBI agent. Considering how stunning she still is at 48 years old, sci-fi fans would have miss a beautiful and talented tv legend.


David V. 


Photos courtesy of The Sun 

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