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“The Walking Dead” gets a new face!

Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore have presented the fourth in a yearlong series of Limited Edition Exclusive Variant Covers of The Walking Dead Comic.

It was given out free in a limited number to all full-price attendees at the Wizard World Comic Con Indianapolis which took place on February 13th to 15th.

How lucky are they to have taken part and especially those who got a copy of this limited edition!

See you soon,


Convention Science Fiction

Finally a platform dedicated to fans passionate about science fiction! Find all the most comprehensive list of science fiction and cosplay conventions worlswide!!

So I decided to give it a go by creating a website which regroups a maximum of conventions across the globe: Scifi, Cosplay, Anime…

Here you will find a calendar of conventions and a list of shops which, to me, are indispensable for finding the best costumes and accessories in this domain.

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