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The great Manu Bennett is heading to France next February

You've seen him in the hit series Spartacus and you can actually see him in the sixth season of The CW's Arrow. His name is Manu Bennett and you'll soon be able to see him in real life if you are lucky enough to live in Europe !

manu bennet1


This New-Zealand born actor also played the big bad guy Azog in the Peter Jackson's The Hobbit and also brought his touch to the Shanarra Chronicles in 2016 ! This charismatic actor will be heading to the Avignon Geek Expo, in the south of France, next year for only one weekend. It will be an opportunity to meet someone who was able to play in properties from both Tolkein and DC Comics !


manu bennet2


All the tickets from Avignon Geek Expo, including photocalls and autographs, can be brought here. 

Convention Science Fiction

Finally a platform dedicated to fans passionate about science fiction! Find all the most comprehensive list of science fiction and cosplay conventions worlswide!!

So I decided to give it a go by creating a website which regroups a maximum of conventions across the globe: Scifi, Cosplay, Anime…

Here you will find a calendar of conventions and a list of shops which, to me, are indispensable for finding the best costumes and accessories in this domain.

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