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The Stargate Origins casting has been revealed

While the upcoming release of the new Stargate series has been announced quite some time ago, fans have been wondering who would be the one to portray the young Catherine Langford.

 That question has finaly been answered and it's Ellie Gall who got the role.




For those who ain't familiar with her, this australian actress has mainly played in television series, including Puberty Blues, a coming of age series who received major praise upon release. 



“The opportunity to portray this iconic character is once in a lifetime,” said Gall, “I’m thrilled to be a part of the Stargate family and I hope Stargate fans are as equally excited as I am about Catherine Langford's new adventure.”


Other actors have been recently announced and Connor Trinneer, who portrayed Michael Kenmore in Stargate Atlantis, will be playing Professor Paul Langford, the one who discovered the Stargate back in 1929.


connor trinneer enterprise


The series is still expected to come out later this year.


Source : Stargate Command



David V. 




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