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Stargate Origins : What We Know For Now

stargate origins poster


Even if every Stargate fan knows that a new web series called Stargate Origins is about to get lauched, there are still some info that slipped under the radar. Here are all the things you have to know about this news series :

The premise :

No SG team but the story will be centered on young Catherine Langford, the woman who discovered, along with her father, the Stargate in the Giza desert.


References to other Stargate Series

SGO is not a reboot and will be set in the same timeline than the other Stargate series.  Can we expect some cameos from Daniel Jackson and other fan favorites ? Time will tell !


Running time

We are now used to see 1 hour long TV episodes but SGO won’t go all Game of Thrones like ! According to the producers, the series will feature 10 episodes of 10 minutes long each.


Where to watch


As said before, SGO will be a webseries that will be available on MGM’s plateform  Stargate Command. This plateform will also allowed fans to watch all Stargate episodes from SG1, Atlantis or Universe.

Subscribers will also have access to exclusive material ( behind the scenes, unreleased footage) and an insight into SGO’s production room.


How to access the plateform

Subscription to the plateform will mainly be accessible to US, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and UK viewers at first, while the rest of the world will have access to the « free » section. It is yet to be known when fans from around the world will have access to the whole package.


How much to access the plateform ?

Subscribing to Stargate Command will cost 20 dollars, and a pre-launch promotion will allow subscribers to grab a free SGO T-shirt ( for US citizens only).

The regular viewer will have free access to the first two episodes.


What is still unknown

No current information about the cast has been revealed yet , and we don’t know if all the episodes will be released at once a la Netflix or on a weekly basis.

As for a second season or other futur stargate material, it will mostly depend of the success of Stargate Origins.



Source : Gateworld.com 



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