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Stargate Origins : The new Stargate Series is coming !

UPDATE : Origins will be available this fall on Stargate Command , a new streaming service provided by MGM. 


This year’s  ComicCon was pretty special for Stargate fans, as some very special annoucement were to be made during the event.




Even if the TV series was started 20 years ago, the fanbase has always been vivid and fan were more than excited to learn that somethig new was coming.


stargate origins


And that something new is a new TV Show named Stargate Origins. Nothing much is known for now, but it seems that the show will focus on Catherine Langford in 1928, when she discovered the Stargate was discovered in Gizeh. Stay tuned for some more exciting news about the Stargate rebirth.

stargate origins poster




David V 

Convention Science Fiction

Finally a platform dedicated to fans passionate about science fiction! Find all the most comprehensive list of science fiction and cosplay conventions worlswide!!

So I decided to give it a go by creating a website which regroups a maximum of conventions across the globe: Scifi, Cosplay, Anime…

Here you will find a calendar of conventions and a list of shops which, to me, are indispensable for finding the best costumes and accessories in this domain.

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