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Some crazy and funny facts on Stargate SG-1


We all love the Stargate series, whether its for its loving characters or epic space battles. Still, one may not know all the crazy facts about the famous TV show. Do you wish to know more ? Have a look below !

  • Colonel Jack O’Neil was portrayed by Kurt Russell in the 1994 movie. Colonel Jack O’Neill from the television series was played by Richard Dean Anderson. The actors were replaced, just like the name ! Anderson asked for another »L » in the character's name, just to step away from the way Russel portrayed the character in the film.
  • It was one of the rare (the only one ?) TV series which received full support from the United States armed forces (particularly the Air Force). Some military officers even made cameos in SG1. Most of the extras were real militaries.
  • Director Peter DeLuise appeared in every episode he directed, playing the role of a tech guy or a Tok’ra
  • The on set Stargate is made of plastic. Two stargates were used in the series. The second one didn’t move and was used to depict the devices located in another worlds. Afterwards, the first one was sold for 80k, the second one was sold piece by piece at auctions
  • In the episode called "Upgrades" , Samantha Carter was able to sink 3 pool balls in one shot, when they were in the bar. This actually happened and one of the crew made a bet that she couldn't do it, and afterwards he was told "you can't bet with Amanda anymore."
  • Michael Shanks is so afraid of spiders that whenever the replicator props were on set, he had to be blindfolded to avoid having panic attacks and uncontrollable shakes.
  • Remember Sha’re, Daniel Jackson’s wife ? Both actually had a real life relationship . They have a daughter name Tatiana.
  • In the Avatar episode, Teal'c tells Carter that he likes to play Def Jam Vendetta. Christopher Judge voices D-Mob in the game.


David V.

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